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The World Through My Eyes

"Some build walls to keep people out. Others build walls to keep themselves in so they can't hurt anyone."

I felt wise and cynical as all hell.

Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar  (via ljosio)

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Love, having become a god, becomes a demon.

The Four Loves, chap. 3, para. 46, p. 83. (via djmase)


The forest whispers my name

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Nomia iridescens a Bee with colourful abdominal stripes 

This cool bee, scientifically named Nomia iridescens, belongs to the Halictidae Family, a cosmopolitan group commonly referred to as halictid bees and sweat bees.

Nomia iridescens is a conspicuously banded bee with amazing neon-green stripes, which occurs in southeast Asia (India, Borneo, Peninsular malaysia, Philippines).

Sweat bees, play a vital role in the pollination ecology of a region. By having  a wide range of adaptational capabilities, these inhabit all kind of ecological niches both in tropical and temperate regions. In number and kind these anthophilic insects (attracted to flowers) surpass all other bees and thus are mainly responsible for conserving the vegetation germplasm by pollinating a bewildering variety of wild and cultivated entomophilic flora.

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Photo credit: ©Paul Bertner | Locality: Mt. Isarog National Park, Philippines (2014) | [Top] - [Middle] - [Bottom]

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lisa in her room


lisa in her room

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